About Us

Phronesis is a global Strategic Growth Advisory firm.  Phronesis is focused on business intelligence driven, analytically supported strategic advice and growth coaching with measured execution.  The Phronesis approach combines fact based business theory supported by measured execution. With measured execution, we foster a course correction process as our clients' businesses evolve in an overwhelming data heavy and digital dominant marketplace. 

We have been chosen to be a trusted growth coach and advisor to some of the largest global businesses, sovereign wealth funds, and governments where cultural expertise, measured results, execution guidance and knowledge transfer is central to achieving success.  Knowledge and business intelligence guides our growth theory - execution where knowledge is wealth.

We have learned from global organizations that they are "data rich but insight poor".  This allows us to help solve their strategic growth challenges by utilizing and converting the labyrinth of internal and external business intelligence into a measured strategy that becomes smarter over time.


We are successful when our clients achieve measured success

Our mission is to assist our clients in solving their biggest growth challenges by achieving distinctive and measured results. Our clients' success translates to our success and facilitates our ability to attract, develop and retain exceptionally talented people who dare to be dynamic.